Paris Motor Show 2016 - EV News

Paris Motor Show 2016 - EV News

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The Paris motor show was host to a variety of new electric car news. Daimler's Mercedes-Benz revealed their electric car future with the EQ brand concept to take on Tesla. Starting with the "Generation EQ" with a range of 310 miles due to arrive by 2020. Volkswagen also announced that by 2020 their I.D. electric concept with a range between 250 and 370 would also be available.

Both German manufacturers were keen to stress these entirely new cars designed specifically for the electrical era and not adaptations on existing platforms.

Alongside VW, the Porsche brand revealed a new Panamera E-Hybrid and alongside Mercedes-Benz, Smart announced what they claim to be as the first electric converible, the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive which is due to be available to the American market as early as this year with a four door model being offered as well to the European market.

Renault brought a new version of their electric offering, the Zoe LR which stands for long range, a slight redesign of the existing model with extended range on a single charge to around 186 miles or 300 kilometers. Renault's key aim with this version will be to compete with the up and coming Tesla Model 3 and soon to be released Chevrolet Bolt.