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Volkswagen Golf MK7 Facelift e-136PS BEV 5dr 2018

  • Volkswagen Make
  • Golf MK7 Model
  • 2018 Year
  • £33,000 Price
  • 3,000 Miles Mileage
  • Trade Seller type

Toyota Prius 1.8 Business Edition Hybrid - No need to plug in! 2017

  • Toyota Make
  • Prius Model
  • 2017 Year
  • £21,000 Price
  • 9,560 Miles Mileage
  • Trade Seller type

TOYOTA PRIUS HATCHBACK 1.8 VVTi Plug-in 5dr CVT Auto 201616 2016

  • Toyota Make
  • Prius Model
  • 2016 Year
  • £19,973 Price
  • 3,418 Miles Mileage
  • Trade Seller type

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The UK electric car scene is growing quickly with a range of hybrid electric cars and full electric cars now available.

Hybrid and plugin electric cars use batteries to help reduce CO2 emissions, hybrid cars also use the common combustion engine.

If you're looking for used electric cars you've come to the right website, browse our directory of used electric cars.

Electric cars or electric vehicles also known as EV (electric vehicles) can be found in a range of sizes, city EV's and full size EV's. City EV's would be cars like the Nissan Leaf and a full size EV would be something like a Tesla Model S.