New Tesla Model S 60D. Be first personbusiness on the V5. Includes the rare all-glass roof. 2017

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  • 2017

Tesla Model S description

This cancelled order presents a very rare opportunity to beat the four month wait on new orders, beat the new car tax rules, beat supercharger fees, and snap up a stunning example of a brand new Tesla Model S 60D for less than the price it would cost you today! *The car includes Autopilot hardware version two, which promises future full-autonomy.

Enhanced autopilot is already purchased and activated.

At a hardware level, the car has eight surround cameras, double range supersonic sensors, radar and a purpose built autonomous driving supercomputer that is forty times as powerful as hardware one.

Hardware version one Teslas include only one front facing camera, short range supersonic sensors and radar.

It is impossible to retrofit a hardware one car with the new hardware two.

This car also includes the very rare all glass roof, a distinctive all-glass, single piece roof that floods the cabin with natural light.

You will be the person who picks up the car directly from Tesla, with the full pick up experience and guided tour.

Your name or your company's name will be first on the V5 document.

The car is currently unregistered.

You can buy for personal use or through your business, with all the benefits therein.

This car can be financed through Tesla or a third party of your choosing.

The car is to be delivered at the end of the month and can be picked up from Tesla Heathrow.

The pictures in this listing are for illustrative purposes only, given that the car is a custom build, and brand new.

 The full spec is as follows.

Tesla Model S 60Red multicoat paintFull glass roof 21" grey turbine wheelsTan next generation seats Dark ash wood decorPremium centre consoleBlack alcantara headlinerFree supercharging for lifeEnhanced autopilotPremium upgrades package, including the famous HEPA filter, bioweapon defence mode, turning headlights, LED fog lights, powered boot lid, quick connect phone dock, and fit and finish luxury upgrades.

Security packageAdditional benefits include: Beating the new VED rules coming in from April, resulting in zero road tax for life.

Zero London congestion charge.

Zero parking fees in Westminster and other regions.

Zero emissions! If you have any questions at all, no matter how silly you may think they are, please contact Ryan on 07791 492 582Please check out my other listings for more brand new and used Teslas.

* If this spec was ordered as a new custom build from Tesla today, it would cost £89,180.

* The average wait time on new custom orders is four months.

* Any Tesla costing £40,000 or more and registered from April 2017 will incur VED (vehicle excise duty.

) This represents a cost of £0 in the first year, and £310 per year for a subsequent 5 years, representing a cost of £1,550.

Any Tesla registered prior to this date will never pay VED.

* Any car delivered after April 15 2017 will have to pay to use Superchargers.

Supercharging fees are presently set at £0.

20p per kWh.

Any car (such as this car) that benefits from free Supercharging for life will never have to pay to use Superchargers, and this benefit can be passed on when the car changes owners.

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